• This practice is committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment where patients and staff can be confident that best practice is being followed at all times and the safety of everyone is of paramount importance.
  • All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any consultation, intimate examination or procedure where they feel one is required. This chaperone may be a family member or friend. On occasions you may prefer a formal chaperone to be present, i.e. a trained member of staff. This will apply whether or not you are the same gender as the doctor.
  • Your relative or friend is not considered as an impartial observer and so would not usually be a suitable chaperone, but we will accomodate reasonable requests to have such a person present as well as a chaperone. 
  • Wherever possible we would ask you to make this request at the time of booking the appointment so that arrangements can be made and your appointment is not delayed in any way. Where this is not possible we will endeavour to provide a formal chaperone at the time of request. However occasionally it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment.
  • Your healthcare professional may also require a chaperone to be present for certain consultations in accordance with our chaperone policy.