Blood Tests

If you are required to go for a blood test, you will be given a test request form from either a clinician or receptionist. All blood tests are by appointment only.

A blood test is when a sample of blood is taken for testing in a laboratory. Blood tests have a wide range of uses and are one of the most common types of medical test. For example, a blood test can be used to:

  • assess your general state of health
  • confirm the presence of a bacterial or viral infection
  • see how well certain organs, such as the liver and kidneys, are functioning

A blood test usually involves the phlebotomist taking a blood sample from a blood vessel in your arm. 

BLOOD TESTS FOR CHILDREN: Blood samples from children are most commonly taken from the back of the hand. The child's hand will be anaesthetised (numbed) with a special cream before the sample is taken.

From 1st April 2022, routine phlebotomy for children and young people aged 12 years and over will be, provided by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, in a community setting at the following venues;

  • South Liverpool Treatment Centre, 2pm-5pm each Tuesday
  • Old Swan Walk-in Centre, 2pm-5pm each Wednesday
  • Litherland Town Hall, 2pm-5pm each Thursday

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital will continue to receive phlebotomy requests for; 

  • Any urgent blood tests for children any age
  • Children under 12 years of age
  • Children and young people of any age with complex needs
  • Children and young people of any age with long term conditions or who are already under the care of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital


You can find out more about blood tests, their purpose and the way they are performed on the NHS Choices website.