Patient Participation Group

Walton Village Medical Centre - Patient Participation Group [PPG]

We launched the group in 2016 with assistance from the Liverpool CCG. As out list size was relatively small at approximately 2000 patients, our initial group was made up of 3 patients, 1 receptionist. This number will be expanded in future.

We hope to  operate a "virtual member" scheme where patients can request to become virtual members thereby receiving copies of the agenda and minutes. Once a place becomes available on the group virtual members are asked to join on a first come first serve basis.

The AIMS of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) are as follows:


[1] To encourage a positive relationship between the patients and the surgery staff, both medical and administrative

[2] To have a voice for the patient in the practice

[3] To be realistic about what you can achieve and to look for small changes that can make a real difference

[4] To work constructively and positively to help identify solutions and to work in partnership with the practice and other local organisations

[5] Carrying out research to find out what matters to patients and discussing the findings with the practice

[6] To organise information sessions on medical and related topics of interest to patients

[7] To help with the organisation of self-help groups for patients